Musicians and Special People

Manny LaCarrubba. World class audio expert, speaker designer and my husband. His ever present love, support, belief in me and technical expertise makes it possible to do what I love. I could not have accomplished what I have without him. He’s my confident, guidance counselor, sounding board and strong foundation. I am a very lucky person to be loved and supported by such an incredible individual. Manny started his professional career as a recording engineer at The Plant recording studios, a legendary and world-famous multi-room facility in Sausalito, California, working with such notable artists as Carlos Santana, Mariah Carey, Metallica, and many others. As The Plant’s chief engineer, he was responsible for the technical excellence of the facility, managed the engineering staff, and assisted in the design of a major remodel. Manny’s personal work with loudspeakers during this period led to several patents in the field. He formed Sausalito Audio Works to commercialize this IP and successfully exited the venture with a sale to Bang & Olufsen.

Dave Tavel-Drummer & Percussionist: Saaaaawwwlid! The backbone to this music. Dave plays it all and I really appreciate how he can both rock as well as lay back and bring out the real subtle and open feel to my music. It feels like a sculpting process and Dave is real patient helping me to learn to speak drum-ease. Having cut his chops at Berklee College of Music and The Musicians’ Institute, Dave has played with About Face and these days can be caught stirrin’ the soup with Fat Opie.

Robin Hildebrant-Bassist & Producer: Robin keeps us laughing and is an incredibly tasty and versatile bassist who plays a wide array basses from 4-5 string to fretless. He is so into the creative process and what he brings to my songs is so expressive and moody. A natural and talented musician who is also busy writing, performing and producing music along with Dave for the band Fat Opie.

Peter Axtell-Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist I have always been a fan of Peter’s. His former trio The Westerleys were and still are a melting pot of rich harmony and great songwriting. Peter has begun working with us and it feels like a nice, creative and supportive musical family. We’ll be going into the studio Feb 2010 to record some new material including one of Peter’s fine songs “Texas By Train” (co-written with John Haley-Walker). I’ve always known Peter as an acoustic aficionado so when he agreed to come play electric guitar for us, I was thrilled. Peter can lock a harmony like glue and with Robin the 3 of us have a nice vocal thing going on!

Tom Duarte-Guitarist/Songwriter. Tom and I were once a duo and he played in my band back in the day. It’s been a great reunion and an honor to have such a guitar master play on my new release “Go”. He is a true professional and an insightful musician and craftsman. When we recorded it was easy to imagine the gears cranking in his artistic brain. He would sit in silence for a moment, and then when I pressed the record button, something really special poured out through those fingers onto the strings of his instrument. The guitar is this man’s soul.

David Phillips-Petal Steel/Guitarist. I have never worked with or have actually really seen a pedal steel guitar up close and personal. This is an amazing instrument. The complexity and versatility is impressive, and that sound! David played his 14 string psg and it was beautiful. It added such a wonderful tones and mood to my songs. His playing is so expressive and he really enhanced the emotion in my songs. David has collaborated with such diverse bandleaders as Frank Black, Tom Waits, Charlie Hunter and John Wesley Harding.

Manny LaCarrubba Jr. He is an inspiration for many a song and being his mom is such a beautiful and magical journey. He is my sunshine and an incredible gift and joy to my life. To see him blossoming as a musician is great to see unfold. It’s difficult to be a rebel musician when both embrace what he does so whole heartedly.

Ari Rios – Laughing Tiger Studios. Ari recorded me over 20 years ago in his living room. He had a vision and built his studio which my husband helped design. His facility is one of the last surviving studios of it’s kind in our area. I really appreciate his love, passion and dedication to his art and to ours! His command of Protools is mind boggling, he edits the track as it’s being played. A true master! Keep awn Ari, we need you!

Arne Frager and The Plant Recording Studios. I can’t even imagine how many hours I’ve clocked at the Plant by the good graces of my husband working there and the blessings of owner Arne Frager. Arne put together an incredible band for me many years back and got me on the bill at the BMI New Music Showcase, which was one of my very first gigs with a true blue band. I played the entire first song with my guitar amp turned off, doh! Arne and I worked for a year together under his Moltoforte Artist Production company and I am very grateful for the experience and fabulous memories that recording at the Plant and his support provided me.

Abigail Huller-Photographer. All of my promo photos were taken by Abigail Huller. She is an amazing photographer and beauty sculptress. When she snaps a shot she makes these cute little squeals of delight. This website features her photos as well as the covers of “Go” and “Landing”, my singles, “Story of Love” and “Ghost.”

Special Thank You to everyone who’s supported me in all my various musical endeavors. To my sister Cindy who jumped on it to take a picture of her doggie Betty in the chair for my Outside Looking In cover. To my niece Kate for putting together my first website. To Holly for stepping in at gigs and parties to take photos. To Nancy and Christian for their support and to Coco, the sweetest dog who sends good vibes to us during a vocal recording sessions.