“Amy Liz works magic with a roomful of kids! Her wonderful singing, guitar-playing, interactive sing-a-longs and unique puppet-show storytelling, keeps everyone thoroughly entertained!” Ginny Fifield – Host for Bread & Roses show at Manzanita Childcare Center

“Amy’s a dynamic performer and a great advocate for children. She knows how they truly learn; through fun, play, interactive music, puppets and storytelling.”
Kathy Amaral – Director – Hayward Parent Nursery School

“Amy’s music program adds so much to our school. The kids get so excited when they see her, they can’t help but request their favorite songs”
Laura DiStasi – Director of Ring Mountain Day School, Tiburon, CA

“Amy has a great voice and uses her guitar like a playful prop. Her love for entertaining is clearly evident in her animated style. She kept the kids highly engaged for almost a full hour with puppet shows, a variety of visuals, and creative movement through songs about fish, gardening and traveling.”
Jerri Meacham – Host for Bread & Roses Show at Canal Childcare in San Rafael

“Now my toddler sings a lot in the car, at home and even teaches the songs to us. I’ve noticed how the music has helped her with her verbal skills. We are so happy Amy’s teaching music at her school!”
Helen Coale – Parent of student at Bridge Point Academy in Novato

“The kids can’t wait to see her, they sing the songs, draw pictures of her and get so excited when she arrives – She’s a hit!”
Therese LaLonde – Director – Learning Universe, Petaluma, CA

“It seems Amy has a suitcase full of “child pleasers” and pleased they were!”
Karen Killan – Bread & Roses

She is so energetic, fun and interactive and they love her finger puppet shows!”
Dayna Barnett – Teacher – Tamalpais Preschool, Mill Valley, CA

“The music is wonderful!” The kids love it, our teachers get a nice break and it adds so much to our school.”
Sandy – Director – Miss Sandies Preschool