Review of a recent Bread & Roses show on 1/30/15 at the Canal Child Care Center in San Rafael, CA

By Bread & Roses Host – Debbie Matson

Amy Liz treated us all to a fun, fun, fun show at the Canal Child Care Center, and made me wish I was 5 years old again! Amy is fabulous with children, and has great enthusiasm and energy. She really drew everyone in with her facial expressions and hand gestures, and took us on a journey of imagination and joy.

It was truly an interactive, sing-along show, with great variations of classic children’s music such as ABC’s, Itsy bitsy spider, and the woman who swallowed a fly. Amy brought out finger puppets for Itsy bitsy spider, and the children could not get close enough as the story unfolded. During the performance she had the children clapping, jumping, laying down, and making many hand movements to her stories and songs. I don’t think I have ever seen a performer hold the attention of such small children for so long.

A highlight for me, was at the very end. One child raised his hand, as he wanted to tell Amy that he really liked her hair. In a domino effect, many children raised their hands to tell Amy they like her guitar, her songs, her voice, and even her earrings! Once of the children made her a drawing just before she left, with her name on it, and a picture of her. Amy was very touched, and the connection between audience and performer was very strong at this wonderful show.