Carry Me Away has an infectious chorus and Wigton’s nice alto breaks in all the right places. With her album “Landing” she seems to be standing on solid ground.”
Neil Fagan – Performing Songwriter Magazine

“The best combination of folk/blues I’ve ever heard!”
Dave Stafford – KKUP Radio

“Amy’s performance and the BMI New Music Showcase was a lesson in rock and roll that set the standard that the rest of the evening had a hard time living up to.“
David Gendleman – BAM Magazine

“I love her recording Outside Looking In, it’s in regular rotation!”
Sheila Groves – Notable Talent

“So you’ve had professional circus training right?”
Carl Jordan -Director of Masque Theater

“What a performer! The entire audience was captivated by Amy from the very start. As she sang they were living and feeling each song and every word. It was hard not to feel the emotion because of her intense and dramatic presentation. You could see and hear the true sincere feeling in her voice. It’s rare for me to see an entire room stand, but it did happen for Amy.”
Lucia Whitney – host for Bread & Roses

“Fun is healing, music is healing, laughter is healing. In a unique and magical way, Amy gave the audience a healing experience few will forget.”
Beth Milwid – host for Bread & Roses